Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch Distributes the Sukoharjo Regency Government’s Mourning Money, amounting to more than 2 billion Rupiahs


Sukoharjo Regency has an official agenda in every 6 months, namely the Mourning money compensation to the underprivileged people in Sukoharjo whose family members have already passed away. This compensation has been running for about 9 years.

The Sukoharjo regency government has claimed that the mourning money compensation is the largest compensation, whom each of them received 3 million Rupiahs.

The  phase 1 distribution of mourning money  in 2021 is carried out with the Health Protocol since  it is still in a COVID-19 pandemic situation which is held on April 16, 2021.

The distribution of mourning money which was previously centralized in the Pendopo of  Pemkab Sukoharjo changed to the each of the village.

The aim is to reduce the huddle which resulting from the Mourning money distribution. The Marketing and Service Officer of Bank Jateng, Sukoharjo Branch, directly distributed the Mourning money to the society in Sukoharjo Regency, traveling from village to village.

Bank Jateng officers were accompanied by the Sukoharjo Regency Social Service and the Village Head in order to have the streamlined of Mourning money distribution. Also presented was the Regent of Sukoharjo, Hj. Etik Suryani, SE., MM who is in the symbolic handover of the mourning money to the 4 of sub-districts, namely: Bendosari , Polokarto , Mojolaban  and Kartasura Districts.

Etik Suryani said that “the  mourning money compensation is a routine activity of the Sukoharjo Regency Government and it’s our priority work program, as well as the Sukoharjo Regency Government, which already existed during the reign of Bp. H. Wardoyo Wijaya, S.H., M.H., M.M, we must continue the good and beneficial of work program for the underprivileged.

Much thanks to Bank Jateng which is always ready to make the Sukoharjo regency event is success, with the limited personnel, it continues to provide the best service for Sukoharjo and I also thank to the  Bank Jateng’s Management for taking the time to attend the event today, “he said.

“The total number of people who received  it is 761 people with a total of  2,283,000,000, -” rupiahs added Etik Suryani.

In addition, Suryani Ethics also urges the public to always implement the health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by implementing 5 M and which is soon as its closed to Eid, therefore I urge you not to go homecoming moreover all those who live in the hometown and those who migrate are safe.

The Head of Bank Jateng, Sukoharjo Branch, Agus Hastono conveyed that Bank Jateng’s readiness  to distribute the Mourning money, starting from the  money availability to public the direct distribution . “It has become our commitment to provide the best service for the Sukoharjo Regency Government,” he said.

Agus also said, “If there is a shortfall of money in the envelope, please convey it to the officer on the spot, we will exchange it since there is no  deduction at all.” The distribution of this Mourning money went streamlined.