Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Holds Bank Jateng Goes to Cashless

In the context of socialization to the people of Purwodadi, Grobogan Regency and efforts to increase the number of people who activated the Internet Banking, Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch held a mini event titled “Bank Jateng Goes to Cashless” which took the Sub Theme “When All Banking Transactions Are in the Grasp”.

The event was nicely packaged with various entertainment series such as the appearance of Employee Bands / Employees of Bank Jateng ‘s Purwodadi Branch.

“We also distributed free souvenirs and coffee to customers who came that night, we hope that with this event the public will understand more easily the transactions using Bank Jateng’s Internet Banking therefore they can support the government’s cashless / non-cash program” said Suko Hariyadi as the Head of Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch.

The enthusiasm of Purwodadi community for this activity was very positive. This can be seen by the number of visitors who came to the event both for Internet Banking activation more than expected. Some people have opened accounts, both savings and DPLK. There are also those who stop by to just enjoy the coffee and music that is served. This activity is a Pilot Project and the plan will be an agenda that will be carried out every 1 or 2 months.