Bank Jateng of Pemalang handed over The 2nd Period of Bima Savings Lottery Prize in 2018-2019

Bima Savings is a Bank Jateng product designed specifically for investing your life in the present and future. Bima Savings is equipped with insurance benefits without premium fees, moreover customers have the opportunity to win prizes drawn twice in a year throughout Central Java region. With a minimum IDR of 50,000 rupiahs, you can open Bima savings, and a minimum balance  IDR of 1,000,000, –  rupiahs the customer can join the Bima Savings PANEN program.

The drawing of 2nd period of Bima savings  in 2018-2019 was carried out at Bank Jateng’s headquarters on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 19.00 WIB, broadcast live through Instagram @bankjateng live streaming, and witnessed by the provincial Social Affairs Office, the notary public, and the police. The drawing of the Bima savings winner was done computerized.

The prize presentation event was held by Bank Jateng of Pemalang branch office on 12 February 2019. The prize was given to Bima savings customers at Pemalang branch and auxiliary branches. The lucky customers who get 2nd period of Bima lottery prize in 2018-19 are as follows:

  1. SANTOSO Pemalang Branch (Mitsubishi XPander)
  2. RASMANI Pemalang Branch (Yamaha NMax)
  3. IRIANTO Pemalang Branch (Yamaha NMax)
  4. ARUM SUNARNI Comal Branch (Yamaha NMax)
  5. EKO KRISTIYANI Head of Pemalang City (Yamaha NMax)
  6. JABARUDIN ADNAN Randudongkal Sub Branch Office (Yamaha NMax)
  7. MURATNO Belik Sub Branch Office (Yamaha NMax)
  8. ANDANG SUKOCO Pemalang Branch (Gold 10gr)
  9. KSU ARTHA AMANAH Pemalang Branch (10 gr Gold)
  10. KHASANAH Comal Sub Branch Office (10 gr Gold)
  11. ALEM EVAN JAVIER City of Pemalang (Gold 10 grams)
  12. AMBARUKMI SOEBEKTI Randudongkal Sub Branch Office (Gold 10gr)
  13. MUKHAMAD SHOLIKHUDIN Belik Sub Branch Office (10 gr gold)

We congratulate to the Winners of Bima Savings Lottery Period in 2018-2019 Year. Continue to increase your savings balance and win prizes next time.

Marketing Team

Pemalang Branch