Bank Jateng of Pemalang Branch Provides 100 PPE Aids & 100 Liter Hand Sanitzer

PEMALANG – The coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic in Indonesia is increasingly alarming since it is shown by the increasing number of the corona virus (covid-19) positive infected patients patients are increasingly growing.

The latest data recorded from BNPB as of April 8, 2020 the positive cases number were 2,956 of which 222 were recovered and 240 people were declared dead.

In Pemalang Regency, there were already 2 people who co-19  tested positive. So far, Pemalang Regency has taken rapid steps in anticipating the increase number of positive patients, one of which is by establishing the Covid-19 Command Post in Pemalang Regency, (08/04).

In this case Bank Jateng of Pemalang Branch participated in assisting the government in efforts to break the distribution chains of Covid-19 by providing assistance of 100 PPE aids and 100 liters of Hand Sanitizier directly given by Bank Jateng’s  Head of Pemalang Branch, Dwi Handoyo to the Covid-19 Task Force Team of Pemalang regency located in Pendalang Regency Pemalang on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. As well as cash assistance totaling 100 million rupiahs promoted by the Regional Association of Regional Government (PPD) Pemalang Regency.

Bank Jateng’s Head of Pemalang Branch, Dwi Handoyo in his speech invite all groups to come together to fight covid-19 diligently by washing hands with soap in running water, keeping distance (Social Distancing), and hopefully by this assistance it is expected the help in breaking the chain of Covid-19 spread in Pemalang Regency.