Bank Jateng of Pati Coordinator Submits 1000 Units of PPE

PATI – In the context of Bank Jateng’s  anniversary, on its 57th anniversary on April 6, 2020, Bank Jateng of Pati Coordinator Branch distributed 200 food items and 200 supplements to the Pati  Regency  community.

Food and supplements are distributed to street sweepers, pedicab drivers, scavengers, and online motorbike/taxi who are still working in a co-19 pandemic situation.

Bank Jateng of Pati Branch also provided assistance to the Pati Regency Government of 1000 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) units for the Control Group Team of the Co-19th virus Acceleration Patient in Pati.

Haryanto as Pati Regency Regent as well as the chairman of Covid-19 Acceleration Cluster accompanied by the Deputy Regent, Saiful Arifin, Regional Secretary, and the Head of Pati Regency Health Service had the opportunity to receive this assistance by Isnu Widiyantoro as the Head of Bank Jateng’s of  Pati Coordinator in Pati Hall, (06 / 04).

Haryanto expressed his gratitude to Bank  Jateng of Pati Coordinator Branch who was celebrating its 57th birthday. He hoped Bank Jateng could always provide the best service to the community in the midst of a pandemic outbreak like this.

“Hopefully this 57th birthday of Bank Jateng will be more victorious and amid concern in dealing with this corona virus, the concern of Bank Jateng is very meaningful for Pati Regency Government and the community” he said.

Of course, this assistance was greatly appreciated by the Pati Regent since Pati Regency Government was experiencing difficulties in procuring PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) due to the high number of requests from the community.

This year, along with the  Corona pandemic conditions, Bank Jateng especially of Pati Branch, celebrated with simplicity without any activities therefore at this anniversary event we could only distribute food and supplements to road sweepers, pedicab drivers and online motorcycle/taxi drivers.

Bank Jateng of Pati also handed assistance to the Covid-19 Patient Control Group of 1000 PPE units, maybe that’s all that can be provided by Bank Jateng, especially the Pati branch, although a speck, but hopefully can provide considerable benefits.

The benefits of this activity are expected to ease the burden on the community due to the impact of co-19 which is happening right now, said Isnu Widiyantoro as Bank Jateng’s Head of Pati Coordinator Branch.