Bank Jateng of Pati Coordinator Gives Bima Savings Lottery Prize

PATI – Bima Savings  lottery as a form of commitment and appreciation of Bank Jateng in giving prizes to the Bima  Savings’ customers.

Bima Savings is drawn 2 times a year, namely 1st Period in January – June and 2nd Period in July – December.

2nd Period of Bima Savings Lottery 2019, has been drawn simultaneously on Thursday, March 14, 2020 in Dieng Wonosobo.

The drawn prizes are 1 Grand Prize of Mitsubishi Pajero, 1st are 36 Prizes of  Mitsubishi Xpander, 2nd  are 196 Prizes of Yamaha Nmax, and 3rd are 196 Prizes of Gold Bars.

Bank Jateng of Pati Branch Coordinator has delivered Bima lottery prizes of one Mitsubishi Xpander to Mrs. Hervina Tri Oktavia, two units of Yamaha N-max Motorbikes to Pati Regency Hospital and Mr. Mochamad Susanto, two Gold bars @ 10gram to KKTM SMKN 2 Pati and Mrs. Damayanti, who was handed over directly by Bank jateng’s Head of Pati, Isnu Widiyantoro in Bank Jateng of Pati Office (03/04).

The delivery of prizes was also carried out in each of the Sub-Branch Offices namely as  Juwana Market Sub-Branch Office in a unit of Yamaha N-Max motorbike to Mr. Eka Tjahjono and a 10grams of gold bar to Mr. Sudarmono.

Tayu Sub-Branch Office is a unit of N-max motorbike to Mr. Susilo and  10grams of gold bar to  Seti village.

The Kayen Sub-Branch Office was a unit of N-max motorbike to Mr Loso and a 10grams of  gold bar to Mr Najib.

To join Bima Savings lottery is very easy, just simply saving up at Bima Savings account and increasing the savings balance to get the lucky Lottery points for each of prizes, “said Isnu Widiyantoro.

For 1 point of the Mitsubishi Pajero Grand Prize, the minimum average balance is 30 million rupiahs, 1 point for the Mitsubishi Xpander is 10 million rupiahs, 1 point for the Yamaha Nmax is  2 millions, and 1 point for the Gold Bar prize of 1 million applies multiples.

Bank Jateng’s Head of Pati Coordinator, Isnu Widiyantoro expressed his gratitude to the customers who have been loyal for their trust in Bank Jateng.

Continue to increase your Bima Savings balance therefore it is a greater opportunity to get the prizes, “said Isnu Widiyantoro.