Bank Jateng of Klampok KCP Occupies a New Building

BANJARNEGARA – In an effort to improve services to customers, especially those in the   Kawedanan Purwareja Klampok area and its surroundings, now Bank Jateng of Klampok Sub-Branch Office (KCP) officially occupies a new building that is more comfortable and representative.

The Regent of Banjarnegara, Budhi Sarwono, today on  Monday (22/3/2021) inaugurated the Bank Jateng new building of Klampok KCP . The inauguration was marked by the inscription of signing     and cutting the ribbon by the regent, witnessed by Mrs. Lis Arofah Ambarwati, representing the  Compliance and Risk Management Director of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono.

In his speech, Budhi Sarwono congratulated the inauguration of  Bank Jateng  new building of Klampok KCP . The Regent asked Bank Jateng, as a bank owned by the regional government    continue to strive in  providing an excellent service to the community and customers.

“Congratulations to Bank Jateng’s ranks especially the Klampok Sub-Branch Office occupying the new building, I hope this new, comfortable office will improve the employee’s performance and excellent service to the customers,” said the regent.

Furthermore, the regent expressed his optimism, that this magnificent new building proves  that in a pandemic situation, the economy in Banjarnegara Regency is still moving. The community only needs to take advantage of the existing facilities in Banjarnegara Regency, the already existed public service places and the roads are good, it is proof that the Government is real working for the people.

The Regent also hopes that in the future more and more people, both the ASN and business actors, will cooperate and take advantage of Bank Jateng’s products, since the results of Bank Jateng’s business will return to the regional treasury.

“As the regent who holds the shares of Bank Jateng, Banjarnegara, I would like to appreciate the people who take advantage of Bank Jateng’s products, since by utilizing the Bank Jateng products, profits will be returned to the regions in the dividends form , which are then used for development,” the regent appealed.

Meanwhile, Lis Arofah Ambarwati, representing the Compliance and Risk Management  Director  of Bank Jateng, said that the new office is Bank Jateng’s commitment form in providing the excellent service to the community.

“Bank Jateng has also carried out the digitizing banking process, especially for the internet  and mobile banking facilities therefore more transactions can be done from home during this pandemic ,” he explained.

He hopes that the opening of Klampok KCP will facilitate the banking services to support the local government programs to realize  Banjarnegara  people welfare “he explained.

The Head of Bank Jateng, Banjarnegara Branch, Yuli Prabowo, revealed that Purwareja of Klampok sub-district is an economic buffer and its as Banjarnegara satellite city which is very potential in the  bordering district of Banyumas western region and Purbalingga.

Bank Jateng of Klampok KCP is located on Jalan Raya Klampok-Banyumas in the middle of a trading center in the western region.

“Hopefully with this new representative building, Bank Jateng services will be more optimal, especially in the Klampok area and its surroundings,” he said, “what  certain is that our commitment  to provide the comfort and convenience transactions and meet the customer needs.

Yuli explained, in early 2021  Bank Jateng of  Banjarnegara Branch had also opened 5 (five) new ATM services located in Punggelan and Sigaluh Districts, PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Arjuna Dieng Temple Tourism Area and Kalibenda Gas Station,  Banjarnegara.