Bank Jateng of Cooperation Distributes Sukoharjo Regency Bawaslu Grant Fund

Facing the 2020 local elections, Bank Jateng in cooperation with the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) helped support the successful implementation of the 2020 elections.

The collaboration began with the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the Head of Bank Jateng, Sukoharjo Branch, Agus Hastono and Bawaslu of Sukoharjo Regency, represented by the Secretariat Head of Bawaslu Sukoharjo Regency, Ali Mursidi.

Agus Hastono expressed his gratitude for the trust of Sukoharjo Regency Bawaslu for making Bank Jateng a partner in channelling grant funds and contributing to the success of the 2020 of Sukoharjo Regional Election.

“I represent the entire team of Bank Sukoharjo in Central Java, always ready to work with Bawaslu and will provide excellent service for Bawaslu of Sukoharjo Regency,” he added.

While the Head of Sukoharjo Regency Bawaslu Secretariat hopes that Bank Jateng can become the best working partner.

Ali added, “Bank Jateng must be better than before. I believe Bank Jateng is ready to provide the best service. It has been proven at the level of satisfaction of other institutions that have collaborated with Bank Jateng and are able to reach all sub-districts in Sukoharjo Regency, making it even easier to channel the funds to the regions.