Bank Jateng Cabang Banjarnegara Gowes Sembari Promosi Kredit PLO

Bank Jateng, of Banjarnegara Branch Gwes While Promoting PLO Credit

BANJARNEGARA – this morning there was something different at the Bank Jateng of  Banjarnegara Branch Office. At 06.00 WIB led by Mr. Yuli Prabowo as the Head of Bank Jateng ‘s     Banjarnegara Branch and Mrs. Lili Widiyani, the Deputy Leader of Bank Jateng’s Banjarnegara Branch & the team Gowes moved around Banjarnegara city.

“This morning, let’s succeed our PLO credit program while doing a bicycle exercise around Banjarnegara city.” Yuli Prabowo said excitedly as the Banjarnegara Branch Leader.

The Gowes group drove enthusiastically towards the initial target meeting of Mr. Budhi Sarwono, the Banjarnegara Regent, in the Pendopo of Banjarnegara Regency, (19/06).

“Thank you to Bank Jateng of Banjarnegara Branch for its support to the Regency Government, therefore in the future we will also support all Bank jateng’s programs and hopefully Bank jateng Can Be More Advanced! ” Budhi Sarwono’s statement while releasing the Gowes group to continue the journey.

The Gowes team’s aim this time is the district / city sub-district office / agency and the vertical route passes by the Gowes route.

In addition Bank Jateng of Banjarnegara Branch, providing cheap interest rates, also gave prizes of door prize draws with motorcycle and other entertainment prizes, moreover as to get a healthy body, the credit expansion will continue to increase.