Bank Jateng of Banjarnegara Assists Garbage Carts and Health Care Facilities

BANJARNEGARA – Bank Jateng of Banjarnegara Branch on Wednesday (25/8/2021), provided aid of 12 units of hand-washing facilities and 2 garbage carts.

The aid was handed over by the Head of Bank Jateng, Banjarnegara, Yuli Prabowo, which was received directly by the Regent Budhi Sarwono, at the emergency market complex in the Soemitro Kolopaking Stadium yard. The aid is then handed over to the market officer.

The head of Bank Jateng, Banjarnegara, Yuli Prabowo, explained that the aid was as a concern of Bank Jateng to provide of support for cleaning facilities in order to suppress the spread of Covid-19. There are 12 hand washing units, 12 garbage carts, and in addition also masks and hand sanitizer packages.

“This time, we are prioritizing the hand washing carts and places for the two locations, namely as the emergency market complex in the courtyard of the Soemitro Kolopaking Stadium and Purwanegara Market. Hopefullythey are useful,” he explained.

Yuli Prabowo, added that the public facility aid was aimed at helping the traders and the visitors in the availability of hand washing places, disposing of garbage, and maintain the personal and environmental health, he said.

“This is a manifestation of our mutual cooperation and concern, that during this pandemic, we must be more sensitive to the environment and humanity, including to the traders and market visitors,” he said.

Meanwhile, the regent advised the traders in the stadium complex to remain enthusiastic and optimistic in facing the pandemic.

According to the regent these are tests that must be faced.

“This pandemic is not only a health problem, but also an economic problem. Don’t be discouraged, keep working hard. The task of humans is to strive and pray,” the regent ordered.

He did not forget to call on the visitors again to comply with the health protocols, to protect themselves, their families and others.

“Banjarnegara conditions have started to be conducive. Our BOR is below of 10 percents.

Let’s be more obedient to the health protocols, therefore the activities can run as before,” he concluded.

The aid handover was also witnessed by the Transportation Agency  Head , M. Iqbal and  BPBD Kalakhar, Aris Sudaryanto.