Bank Jateng Manages the Monitoring of Local Government Tax Revenues in Central Java

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng continues to develop the various of regional government services, especially in digital banking. In this connection, Bank Jateng cooperates with 35 of Regional Governments in Central Java to digitize or electrifies the regional financial management, both in terms of expenditure and regional revenue.

Bank Jateng’s Managing Director, Supriyatno explained, Bank Jateng received good appreciation and opportunities related to the implementation of local tax revenues through an online system. On the expenditure side, Bank Jateng implemented the SP2D Online application in all of Regional Governments in Central Java.

Supriyatno added, from the revenue side, Bank Jateng has also implemented a cash management system (CMS) service in 35 of Local Governments, e-Tax in 26 Regencies / Cities, and Host to Host PBB in 13 Regencies / Cities. The digitalization implementation of the regional government services has been proven to be able to provide convenience to the community and increase the accountability of the local government, as well as improve the regional revenues optimization. “The digitalization implementation of regional government services has been proven to be able to provide convenience for the community and increase the accountability of the Regional Government, as well as improve the regional revenues optimization,” said Supriyatno, at Gumaya Hotel Semarang on Monday (01/19).

According to Supriyatno, specifically in the ​​tax revenue area, Bank Jateng has piloted the Regional Tax online monitoring service in 13 Regencies / Cities according to the direction of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), then the Regional Tax online monitoring service will be implemented in 35 or all of Districts / Cities in Central Java. “It is hope that in the future this activity can further increase local tax revenues not only Bank Jateng but also throughout Indonesia,” he said.

The head of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Basaria Panjaitan said, Monitoring Online receipt of regional tax payments between Bank Jateng and the Regency / City Government aims to optimize the regional revenues. In this case, especially those relating to Hotel, Restaurant, Entertainment tax revenues, and including parking.

How to optimize it? When it was done manually now it was facilitated by the Regional Bank, a kind of tool is made which would later be posted on the computers of the owners of hotels, restaurants and entertainment businesses.

“Therefore, for example there are guests who stay at hotels there will be a 10 percent tax. Then later it will be directly connected to Bank Jateng, moreover at any time the Regional Government can see how much income they have provided, “Basaria explained. The Online Monitoring of regional taxes payment is still the first stage, and then it will try BUMD income and etc.

Everything that is done must be online, therefore it will be transparent.  Moreover, it doesn’t have to be billed at any time and need to think anymore since it’s set automatically. In addition, all should be able to use this system, even though for the initial stages according to the agreement terms have an income of 200 million rupiahs and above that will be included in this system. “The online system is our joint effort in order to avoid corruption,” he said. On the same occasion, OJK Banking Supervision Chief Executive, Heru Kristiyana said, OJK strongly supports the existence of non-cash transactions (online) since the benefits are quite large. Among these online transactions support transparency with the existence of transparency, banking governance including BPD will become better. With the latest breakthroughs, the bank has the flexibility to enter the BPD to help in collecting the third-party funds. “We will always collaborate with the KPK to continue implementing good governance Banking,” Heru said. The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo added, tax leaks can be reduced by online system. Therefore, his party made a signing of an agreement between the Regency / City throughout Central Java with Bank Jateng and Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). The target of this online system is to optimize tax collection, since from the local governments experience, we have already implemented their very high taxes, moreover the leaks can be eliminated with this tool. “It is hope that hotel, restaurant, entertainment, parking tax transactions can be done online. We ask Bank Jateng to facilitate the equipment systems, etc. Therefore, all the tax withdrawals will become optimal, efficient, and the tax projections will increase, “concluded Ganjar.