Bank Jateng Magelang Coordinator Ready to Serve Foreign Exchange Transactions

MAGELANG – BPD Bank (Bank Jateng) inaugurated foreign exchange services Bank Jateng of Magelang Coordinating Branch, Tuesday (10/29). This service is the eighth which was opened after the seventh previously in DI Yogyakarta in 2018 ago. The inauguration was marked by cutting the cone by Bank Jateng Finance Director, Dwi Agus Pramudya and was given to the Magelang Branch Coordinator, Wahyu Wibowo. Also accompanied by Deputy Head of the Treasury and International Division of Bank Jateng Sharia, Ninik.

 “Since 1992 Bank Jateng Sharia has been a foreign exchange bank. Until now there have been eight foreign exchange services, namely in the main branches of Semarang, Cilacap, Solo, Jepara, Jakarta, Jogja, and now in Magelang, “he said on the sidelines of the inauguration which was attended by a number of Magelang entrepreneurs. He said, the opening of foreign exchange services in Magelang was not without reason. The Magelang region is considered to have great potential in the economic and financial sectors. Many entrepreneurs in Magelang also carry out business activities with the outside world, such as exports and imports.

 “We see here that there are many who play exports and imports, such as wood business, handicrafts, and others. Including the tourism sector which is visited by many foreign tourists, mainly because of the Borobudur Temple as a magnet, “he said. He also alluded to the potential and opportunities that exist in Purworejo. Mainly with the International Airport in Kulonprogo (YIA) which is actually closer to Purworejo. This has the potential as a tourist entrance to Central Java. “With many foreign tourists to Central Java, of course there are also many needs for money changer transactions, so we must be ready from now to seize the opportunity, including other services, such as remittances or sending money abroad,” he explained.

Bank Jateng of Finance Director Dwi Agus Pramudya added, because it was still early in providing foreign exchange services, he asked Bank Jateng of Magelang Branch Coordinator to prepare the service and staff. Do not let the status only, but the service must be truly maximal. “Do not stop until this inauguration, but this is precisely the beginning of our next development. “As a service foreign exchange bank, we must be professional and reliable and not inferior to other banks,” he said.

Meanwhile, Magelang Branch Coordinator, Wahyu Wibowo said he was very ready with the status of this foreign exchange bank. Under his coordination, he prepares a special place for foreign exchange transactions with trained staff. “We have prepared carefully before the inauguration of this foreign exchange service. Of course, this is an improvement for those of us who already hold the status of foreign exchange banks. We are very grateful for their trust and are ready to provide maximum service, “he said.