Bank Jateng Keroncong Cafe, The Appreciation of Sang Maestro Gesang

Welcoming its 58th birthday which will arrive on April 6, 2021, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah (Bank Jateng) is holding a “Bank Jateng Keroncong Café, Sang Maestro Gesang Appreciation” which will be held online from the III Floor of Co-Working Space Building  of Bank Jateng Surakarta, Tuesday (9/3).

The event, which was also held to welcome National Music Day, was attended directly by the President Director of Bank Jateng , Supriyatno, Independent President Commissioner of Bank Jateng, Edhi Christanto, and a number of Bank Jateng’s directors.

The event became even more lively and festive with Sruti Respati’s golden voice singing songs by Gesang, such as Keroncong Roda Dunia and Pandanwangi, and Endah Laras singing Tirtonadi and Jago Kluruk songs.

Interestingly, on that occasion, Mas Nano, the nickname for the President Director of Bank Jateng, sang the rhythm of the song of Bengawan Solo by his melodious Sexophone.

Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo, who also watched it online via zoom, created this interesting event held by Bank Jateng.

He also congratulated the national music day and supported the artists to continue working and finding solutions in the midst of difficulties due to the pandemic impact. Therefore, he hopes, such ideas need to be continued, including performances that are held online and paid.

“It needs to be conveyed to everyone, that this is an effort form of the artists do not stop and continue working,” he said.

Armed by what the Governor of Central Java, Supriyatno invited all people to help preserve the culture.

According to him, such activities should be held where, when, and by anyone which raising the potential of the each existing region. “The Keroncong Café performance of Bank Jateng was held in Solo and lifted the Maestro Gesang.

One day, it needs to be developed into a bigger direction, starting from the artists whom involved more and being held in other cities that definitely have their respective cultural potentials. Therefore activities like this can be carried out by anyone, not only Bank Jateng, “said Mas Nano.

According to him, the Keroncong Café of Bank Jateng was held as a form of longing for spontanity, where in this pandemic situation, it should not be tense and the way out is necessary. “We don’t want to be crushed into situations like this which makes us are not creative.

So we create something that can arouse the artistic creativity. This is a form of mutual exclusion and the most important thing is to maintain its own nation’s culture, “he said.

Keroncong artist Sruti Respati, welcomes the Keroncong Cafe of Bank Jateng. Holding a similar event will arouse art workers to work in the midst of the lonely orders for performances.

Therefore, as a form of appreciation for the artists works, Bank Jateng also gave a love affair to the family of Gesang as worth  of 58 million rupiahs as a form of love for Gesang maestro. This compassionate rope was handed over directly by the Managing Director of Bank Jateng and received by Gesang’s nephew, Hasanudin Santoso (58).

 “We express our gratitude for the appreciation given by Bank Jateng to Pak Gesang, hopefully what is given is useful and Pak Gesang’s works can inspire the next artist generation to continue working,” said Santoso.

According to him, during his life, Gesang, who is 92 years old, has produced around 44 songs, including Bengawan Solo, Jembatan Merah, Roda Dunia, and Caping Gunung.

In addition to music workers, Bank Jateng also presented micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) assisted by Bank Jateng, namely Kharis (Panjalu Wayang) from Wonogiri and Abdul (Cazzen Guitar) from Sukoharjo. For both of them, Bank Jateng provides QRIS facilities for non-cash transactions. With these facilities, it will be easier for MSME doers to transact quickly and safely. (ae-smg)