Bank Jateng Kebumen Submit Prize of Bima Savings

The chief of Bank Jateng Kebumen, Parmono SH MM presented the prize of one Mitsubishi Xpander Car as a result of the Bima Bank Jateng Savings at the local branch office, Monday (8/10).

I don’t know what night it was, Ngadiman, a resident of RT 02 RW 03 in Karangtengah Village, Poncowarno Subdistrict, managed to get a Mitsubishi Xpander from the Bima savings Bank Jateng lottery on Monday (8/10/2018).

The leader of Bank Jateng of Kebumen, Parmono SH MM said, the free lottery of Bima savings Bank Jateng was drawn in two periods for one year. Bank Jateng of Kebumen branch office has 13 customers who have won Bima saving prizes since the first period with the main prize of a Mitsubishi Xpander unit and 6 Yamaha N Max prizes and 6 bars of 10 grams of gold.

“For the prize, we leave it at the branch office of Kebumen and sub-branch offices in four districts, Kebumen, Gombong, Karanganyar, Kutowiangun and Prembun, “he said.

Of the 13 winners, the main prize of one Xpander unit was won by Ngadiman, a resident of RT 02 RW 03 Karangtengah Village, Poncowarno Subdistrict, who was also one of the staff members of the Poncowarno sub-district. The motorbike winners N Max namely Hari Budisantoso and Liana Anggraeni from the Kebumen branch, Gombong’s auxiliary branch office, Erniasih, from the branch of Karanganyar and Siti Fatonah from the Kutowinangun auxiliary branch. While the winner of the golden lottery, Sudalwan, BKM Makmur Jaya from the Kebumen branch, Suparno capem Karanganyar, Tugilah Gombong, and PCM Kutowinangun from the sub-branch office of Kutowinangun.

“The second lottery in the period July to November 2018 will be drawn in January 2018,” he said accompanied by the Head of Bank Jateng, Kutowinangun, Sri Mahargianti SE.

Parmono added that in addition to the draw, Bima’s savings would also be drawn as the main prize of a unit of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport which would be drawn at the Central Java level. In this year the recipients of the Bima lottery prize of Bank Jateng are not taxed. Not only that, to get lottery coupons, customers can save according to multiples, ranging from 2 million to get one gold coupon, 5 million get one Yamaha N Max motorcycle coupon, 10 million get one Mitsubishi Expander coupon, and 30 million get one gift coupon. main Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

“For coupons according to multiples, while the main prize is drawn from all branch offices in the regencies / cities in Central Java and all customers can have the opportunity to calm it down, especially at this time the winner is not taxed only the cost of returning the name,” said Parmono.

In addition, the gratitude and joy expression were expressed by Ngadiman who had won the prize a black Mitsubishi Xpander car with a H 8721 XX number. Ngadiman said he felt grateful and did not expect to get a prize from the Bima lottery Bank Jateng. “Thank God, once I was like a dream, but actually got a car gift, God willing, I would be diligent in saving again at Bank Jateng,” he said. Not only that, although the Bima lottery Bank Jateng distributed many prizes, the Bank, which is located on the road south of Kebumen Square, also provided other savings program promos in 4 branch offices, namely in Gombong, Karanganyar, Kutowinangun and Prembun Sub-districts which also served Simpeda savings, Student Savings (Simpel), and long-term investment savings (Pension Fund Savings).