Bank Jateng is Ready to Increase Employee Loans

BANJARNEGARA – The Regent of Banjarnegara, Budhi Sarwono, asked the management of  Bank Jateng to increase loans, especially to the employees of Banjarnegara Regency.

The Regent’s hopes were conveyed when giving a speech at the hospitality gathering of the Banjarnegara Regent, the head of OPD/ service with the rank directors of Bank Jateng in Dipayuda Pendapa, Tuesday (07/14/2020).

The event was attended by the Director of Compliance and Risk Management of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono, Purwokerto Coordinator of Bank Jateng and Banjarnegara Branch leader. From the District Government were presented by the Regional Secretary, Drs Indarto, M. SI and all the heads of OPD / Service.

“From the available data, only 49 percent of our employees use loan facilities in Bank Jateng, 21 percent in BUMD Bank and 20 percent are still in the other banks,” said Budhi Sarwono.

“For this reason, I hope the 20 percent figure of the other banks can immediately be transferred to Bank Jateng, since the profits obtained by Bank Jateng will return to the regions in a dividends’ form  to finance the development,” hoped Budhi Sarwono.

However, the Regent gave appreciation to BankJateng of Banjarnegara Branch perfomance, as well as to the OPD who played an active role in utilizing the loan facilities at Bank Jateng.

“I thank to Bank Jateng for playing a role in developing the Banjarnegara district, both in supporting the region economic growth, and contributing the income activities. I also ask Bank Jateng to improve services for our employee credit, “he continued.

Meanwhile, The Director of Compliance and Risk Management of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono, said that Bank Jateng continues striving to improve services including by improving the services  via internet banking system. Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, internet banking services have become part of the modern society’s lifestyle that accompanies our  daily activities. Since almost all activities used to be offline, now can be done more easily online using laptops, tablets and even mobile phones.

“Internet banking facilities provide convenience, one of which is customers do not need to go to a bank or ATM for transactions, except for cash withdrawals. In addition, Bank Jateng Internet Banking has facilities such as account & transfers information, non-cash money transfers, and various monthly bill payments, “he said.

“Now with the new integrated features, even customers do not need to carry an ATM card if they want to take funds, enough with a verified code then money can be taken at the ATM,” he continued.

He added, specifically the regional income from shares in Bank Jateng, in 2019 Banjarnegara Regency received a 14,160 billion rupiahs dividend went into the regional general of cash account.

At the end of the event, an appreciation was given to the 3 most productive OPDs in utilizing the loan facilities at Bank Jateng, among others, to the Office of Education, Youth and Sports, the Office of Transportation and the Office of SME Industry and Trade. The prizes are a 32-inch television were handed over by the regent and Bank Jateng officials to the 3 heads of OPD.