Bank Jateng Introduces Simple Savings to the Participants in Hilo School Drawing Competition 2019

PT. Nutrifood Indonesia in collaboration with Bank Jateng held Hilo school drawing competition which was held on Sunday April 14 2019 at Pemalang. Hilo school competition is a routine activity held every year, which aims to increase the student’s creativity at the elementary school level. This coloring competition was held at SD Negeri 01 Kebondalem and attended by around 400 elementary school students from all Pemalang Districts. Hilo school competition collaborates with Bank Jateng as a media for savings education and introduces simple savings to participants. Simple savings are intended for students of at least elementary school to high school with a minimum initial deposit of 5,000 rupiahs and a minimum deposit of 1,000 rupiahs. The introduction of simple savings was carried out on the sidelines of the coloring activities which aimed to add children’s interest in frugal life and love to save among students.

Bank Jateng opens a stand for students who want to open a simple savings account by providing attractive souvenirs at each opening. The enthusiasm of the children in learning to save is very high, as evidenced by the number of “simple savings” accounts opening in the activity as many as 323 students. Hilo school competition winners get the education savings provided through Bank Jateng’s simple savings program.

Bank Jateng of Pemalang Branch Marketers Team