Bank Jateng Internet Banking Covers All Public Services

Bank Jateng internet banking services are able to reach all forms of public services in Central Java, from payments at higher education institutions (universities, colleges and polytechnics), PBB (Land and Building Tax), public hospital services (RSU), PDAM (Regional Drinking Water Company) as well as motor vehicle tax (PKB) and motor vehicle name transfer fee (BBNKB). However, people who need a public services payment can still take advantage of conventional banking services by visiting Bank Jateng’s counters.

As a mean of transaction, Bank Jateng’s internet banking can also be used to check balances,     mutations, and transfers. Also for multi payments such as train tickets, internet, Tv cable, and flights. “Bank Jateng customers, both general and sharia, can use the internet banking service,” said the President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno on Monday (5/10/2020).

According to Supriyatno, who is familiarly called Nano, the advantage of Bank Jateng’s internet banking is its simplicity. Simple features that are easy to understand and access from anywhere, anytime. “Besides being easy, it is also safe. There is even a cardless cash withdrawal feature at Bank Jateng’s ATMs, ”he added.

As a bank for Central Java people, in principle all payments for public services in Central Java can be served via internet banking. However, there are some areas that still need time to improve their data connectivity.

In short, now all banking facilities are in one access and can be enjoyed by all customers. The procedure for using Bank Jateng’s internet banking is also simple, customers only need to open in a browser to be able to connect. Of course, he said, first customers must register for Personal Internet Banking.

If already registered, access can be done using a Smartphone browser and Windows phone or a computer browser. Its use is very easy and practical, according to the product tagline: #Semua jadi mudah.

The development of  Bank Jateng’s internet banking, apart from supporting the government’s efforts to reduce cash use and increase the intensity of non-cash transactions, thereby reduce the risk of being exposed by Covid-19, is also a commitment to provide the best for its customers. In the digital era, internet banking services are a necessity.

Banking digitization is an acceleration effort made by Bank Jateng to face competition. To support it, by preparing human resources in the information technology sector of Bank Jateng, a blueprint was also being prepared. **