Bank Jateng Inaugurates the Cash Office at UNS

SOLO – Managing Director of Bank Jateng, Dr. Supriyatno thanked the University of Eleven March (UNS) Solo for providing sufficient land area for Bank Jateng cash office at the university. Since it is quite large, according to him, the cash office feels like a supporting Branch Office. “This is a challenge for us, Bank Jateng management to increase this office cash into sub-branch offices and even branch offices,” Nano said, as he was familiarly called.

That was said after the inaugurating operation of Bank Jateng cash office at UNS Solo on Monday (1/20). The cash office is the fifth in a state university in Central Java. Previously there were UNDIP and UNNES Semarang, UNSOED Purwokerto, and Tidar University, Magelang. In addition to banking intermediary services such as lending and third-party fund raising, continued by Supriyatno, the presence of Bank Jateng was also to support UNS in implementing the higher education tri dharma. Such as education, research and development, and community service.

The development of human resources (HR) and information technology is also part of the cooperation of both parties. “We support the innovative student research which can be utilized by the community,” he explained.

The same hope was also expressed by the vice chancellor, Professor Sajidan in the field of planning and cooperation of UNS, Solo. According to him, previously the chancellor had signed a memorandum of understanding with Bank Jateng for such supports–. Namely for research and development, community service, improvement of human resources, and information technology. “Here we are implementing a multi-bank. Well, the presence of Bank Jateng as the fourth in addition to Bank MANDIRI, BNI and BRI. Bank Jateng’s presence of course provides the more qualified benefits for us “he explained.