Bank Jateng Holds the Civil and Administrative Signing of Field Agreement with Central Java Kejati

SEMARANG – PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah signed an agreement with the Central Java High Prosecutor’s Office (Kejati), as well as the Central Prosecutor’s Office (Kejari) of Central Java, at Patra Jasa Hotel Semarang on Tuesday (04/30/2019).

President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno, said this collaboration was a proof of his commitment in implementing good corporate governance. Thus, cooperation is carried out in the field of civil and state administration.

This agreement, said Supriyatno, covers the provision of legal assistance, legal considerations, and other legal actions aim to resolve legal issues in the civil and state administration, both inside and outside the court.

“This collaboration is also carried out simultaneously between Kejari and Bank Jateng of Branch Offices in Central Java,” he said.

He continued, as a BPD was born, grew and developed in Central Java, Bank Jateng had a high commitment to participate in developing the economy and development activities in the province. “Of course, this is different from other commercial banks. Since, the vision of Bank Jateng indeed wants to support regional development, “he added.

Therefore, he said, the business activities carried out by Bank Jateng were solely to improve the welfare of the community through banking activities, especially through raising funds and lending.

Supriyatno said, currently Bank Jateng lending activities are more for the productive business sector, in order to provide a greater multilevels effect for the regional economy.

However, in its development, he did not deny the bad creditors existence, who could not fulfill their obligations. Internally, he stressed, Bank Jateng has formed a function of restructuring and credit settlement to deal with the problem loans.

Unfortunately, even though some problems have been resolved, many of the bad debtors apply in a less cooperative manner to fulfill their loan repayment obligations. And this can be a problem that culminates in the field of law and legal channels.

“If the bad credit gets bigger, it can disrupt the bank’s ability to conduct credit distribution, moreover regional development activities will become limited,” said Supriyatno.

In addition, given the continued increase in Bank Jateng’s total assets reaching up to 69 trillion rupiahs per quarter in 2019, the transactions carried out will certainly be even greater. That way, the complexity in terms of the law will also continue to grow.

Therefore, it is expected with the signing of this collaboration, Central Java Kejati can provide the legal assistance if there are problems related to the civil law and state administration issues, “he hoped.

According to him, the cooperation between Bank Jateng and law enforcement officials, including the prosecutor’s office, has been going on for a long time. Since, he wants to keep the enforcement of corporate governance better escorted.

Meanwhile, Chief of Prosecutor General of Central Java, Sadiman stated this collaboration was only limited to the civil law and state administration. “Therefore, later, if there are civil problems, please consult and coordinate. We and our friends are always open, “he said.

Sadiman added, if Bank Jateng requested assistance for collection related to the bad creditor, Prosecutors at the district / city level would help. Primarily in the civil field since in the field of state administration the case is rarely found.
Moreover, before the signing of the collaboration was held, the workshop was held in the morning with the theme of “Principal Tasks and Functions of Prosecutors in the Civil and State Administration in Supporting Bank Jateng’s Performance”.