Bank Jateng Holds Socialization and Technical Guidance of CMS Village in Winong District, Pati Regency

PATI – Bank Jateng of Pati Branch Coordinator has carried out socialization and technical guidance for CMS in Winong Sub-District in Pati Regency in the Hall of  Winong Sub-District on March 12-13, 2020

The event was attended by the Head of Winong Sub-district, BPKAD  and Dispermades of Pati Regency, Governance of Setda Pati, Bank Jateng Head Office, Bank Jateng of Pati Branch Coordinator and 30 Villages in Winong Subdistrict of Pati Regency consisting of the Head,   Secretary and Chamberlain Village.

Sunaryo SH, MM as the Head of Winong Sub-District in his remarks conveyed, the existence of the CMS Village is expected to increase transparency and accountability in the Village Fund’s management in Winong Subdistrict, in this case Winong Subdistrict Government strongly supports the Non-Cash Transaction program to be immediately implemented in the region.

Eri Widicahyono as the Head of Marketing in the Bank Jateng of Pati Coordinator in his speech expressed his gratitude to Winong Sub-District who was willing to conduct non-cash transactions in cooperation with Bank Jateng.

Socialization and Technical Guidance has been carried out by  Bank Jateng’s team consisting of the Marketing and Corporate of Fund Policy Division, Network, Service and TSI Divisions.

The participants were very enthusiastic in participating in the application training of CMS Village, this was evidenced in the many questions related to the Village fund management are currently doing with their health officials.

At the end of the event, the participants hoped in the future the CMS Village system would be connected to forced Siskeudes so far.