Bank Jateng holds Musical Christmas Celebration

Bank Jateng held a Musical Christmas Celebration as part of the Christmas commemoration held at the 1st floor lobby of Bank Jateng Office Jalan Pemuda Semarang.

The activity took place on Friday night took place with wisdom and festive with the accompaniment of the ISI Yogyakarta orchestra and choir were entirely from Bank Jateng employees.

Not only just praise through songs, but also on this occasion Bank Jateng President Director, Supriyatno also performed with a very beautiful Saxophone game.

The attendees consisting of Bank Jateng large family employees who celebrated Christmas and Commissioners Board, Directors and Divisions Head on the occasion gave their appreciation to Nano Tirta, as Supriyatno called on the music stage.

Nano Tirta on the occasion presented several songs sung solo and with Bank Jateng’s choir team.

“This is the first time, Bank Jateng held a Musical Christmas Celebration event. We are a big family Bank Jateng are happy for our brothers who celebrate Christmas, “said Bank Jateng, Finance Director, Dwi Agus Pramudya who also included Bank Jateng’s choir team.

Pewarta: Nur Istibsaroh
Editor: Antarajateng