Bank Jateng Holds Literacy About Joint Products of Karanganyar Regency Education and Culture Office

As an institution engaged in services to financial management on Friday (01/31/2020), housed Mbak Ning Kemuning Ngargoyoso Restaurant. Bank Jateng of Karanganyar Branch Office together with Karanganyar Regency’s Office of Education and Culture has held an Evaluation and coordination event on Financial management and Literacy and Socialization on Bank Jateng Products and Services.

The event which was attended by approximately 220 participants consisted of Salary Treasurers, Spending Treasurers and BOSDA Treasurers from 51 State Junior High Schools and 17 NFI UPT PUDs and Elementary Schools throughout Karanganyar Regency and filled with interactive dialogue. 

On that occasion Bank Jateng of Karanganyar Branch Office, represented by Danar Widagdo as Chairman of the Marketer Team conducted Literacy and Socialization activities on products and services owned by Bank Jateng. He said that currently Bank Jateng has products can be used for employees of the Office of Education and Culture, including: Gross Salary Payment or Payroll, SMS Notification, Migration BPD Card, Personal Banking Bank Jateng, Internet Banking Corporate Bank Jateng (CMS), Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK), and Personal Loan Credit Promos. Danar said, these features can make it easier for customers to do transaction and monitor transactions that have been carried out. It was also mentioned the Personal Loan of Bank Jateng is still a mainstay product with installments that are able to compete with competitors. 

The event is expected to be able to increase knowledge about Bank Jateng Products and Services for the participants. Besides that, it can improve the cooperative relationship between Karanganyar Regency Education and Culture Office and Bank Jateng of Karanganyar Branch Office. 

The participants were very enthusiastic in attending the event, evidenced by the many questions regarding the material on that day. In the event, Bank Jateng gave a door prize for the participants. Ester, an employee of Karanganyar Regency Education and Culture Office, expressed her gratitude for getting the gift of a mountain bike.