Bank Jateng Hands Over the Operational Car Sponsorship Assistance to Central Java Education Office

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng handed over operational car sponsorship assistance to the Office of Education and Culture (Disdikbud) of Central Java Province on Friday (1/24/2020) morning.

The handover was carried out by the Director of Corporate and Commercial Business of Bank Jateng, Pujiono to the Head of Central Java Education and Culture Office and all of his staffs.

Pujiono explained, one unit of this red plate car was a form of sponsorship given by Bank Jateng for the operational activities of the Central Java Education and Education Agency. As well as a commitment to continue the work together.

“On the behalf of Bank Jateng Management, I would like to express my highest gratitude and appreciation to Education & Culture Department of Central Java (Disdikbud) for the existed cooperation so far,” said Pujiono.

He explained, some of the collaborations that have been carried out include the Distribution of School Operational Assistance Funds (BOS), Special Allocation Funds (DAK), Educational Operational Costs (BOP), BSM, Professional Teacher Allowances, GTT / PTT Honor, and most recently the Funds BOS Affirmation and BOS Performance.

“We hope that cooperation between Bank Jateng and Education & Culture Department of Central Java (Disdikbud) and schools throughout Central Java, both public and private, will continue to run well and schools will continue to entrust the distribution of BOS Funds and other aid funds through Bank Jateng,” Pujiono hoped.

On that occasion, Pujiono also said that Bank Jateng has now become a book category III bank in which the bank with the prediction of book III has a core capital of more than 5 trillion rupiahs.

The performance of Bank Jateng until the end of December 2019 shows the growth of financial performance results that still survive even in the midst of global economic pressures.

As for the details, the total assets of Bank Jateng have reached 72.14 trillion rupiahs or grew by 7.92 percent from the position at the end of 2018. Then, the Third Party Funds successfully collected reached 49.30 trillion rupiahs or grew by 940 percent.

Credit or financing has reached 48.96 trillion rupiahs or grew 6.66 percent.