Bank Jateng Hands Over Drink Supplement Aid to the Medical Staffs of Rumah Sakit Islam Pati

PATI – Bank Jateng of Pati shares its concerns again amid the Covid-19 Pandemic disaster. Bank Jateng of Pati in this case was represented by Eviek Susandari as the Market Team Chairman and Members handed over Beverage Supplement assistance to the Medical Staff of RSI Pati received by the representatives of Covid-19 post at RSI Pati, (29/04).

Eviek Susandari said the assistance is expected to increase endurance and prevent Covid-19 transmission to the Medical Personnel who are the Leading Guards in handling the Covid-19 virus.

We welcome the steps of Bank Jateng of Pati in distributing beverage supplement assistance provided by Bank Jateng to the Medical Personnel at RSI Pati and will be distributed to the medical staff at Rumah Sakit Islam, Pati. “Said Nur Iffah as Director of RSI Pati. We all hope that the Covid-19 pandemic virus occurs in Indonesia will be end soon and the society will have the normal activities.