Bank Jateng Hands Over BPJS Employment Assistance of 2,016 Billion rupiahs

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng handed over assistance for protection of BPJS Employment amounting to 2,016 billion rupiahs to 120,000 workers or16,800 rupiahs per person.

Director of Corporate and Commercial Business of Bank Jateng Pujiono said, through the Vulnerable Workers Protection Movement (GN Circle), BPJS Employment provides facilities for the public or companies which want to make donations.

The donation can be through the payment of contributions to self-employed workers who are unable, in order to get accident and death insurance while working.

“In the GN Circle programs, Bank Jateng provides assistance to 120,000 vulnerable workers,” he explained on Thursday (05/09/2019).

The contribution of Bank Jateng in this program is as a form of corporate concern for the informal workers. On the other hand, the action enhances the relationship between Bank Jateng and BPJS Employment.

The total assistance provided was 2,106 billion rupiahs or 16,800 rupiahs per person. In Semarang city, Bank Jateng provided assistance to 33,679 workers amounting to 565,807 million rupiahs.