Bank Jateng Handovers Three-wheeled CSR Vehicles of 540 Million Rupiahs to Karanganyar Regency Government

Karanganyar – As many as 20 three-wheeled vehicles for transporting trash, were handed over by Karanganyar Regent Juliyatmono to 20 heads of villages and village heads in Karanganyar, the donations came from the Bank Jateng Social Fund. The handover was carried out by Mr. Djaka Nur Sahid, the Head of Bank Jateng of Surakarta Coordinator Branch Office, who in this case represented the President Director of Bank Jateng. The handover was also witnessed by the Governor of Central Java Mr. H. Ganjar Pranowo SH MIP.

In his speech, the Governor of Central Java appreciated the waste program that must be completed at the village level, since the less waste sent to the TPA (Final Disposal Site) is the better. Moreover it will make TPA less scary and haunted with piles of garbage, I take my hat off with this concept which it will more or less solve the waste global problem.

Garbage must be finished at the village level therefore it is no longer problem for the government. Including the medical equipment waste, masks that are now piling up with this covid.

Consequently, waste must be managed properly, masks must be destroyed therefore people do not take and sell them again. Including the PPE waste that must be destroyed, said Mr. Ganjar Pranowo.

On that occasion, the Regent of Karanganyar, Bp Juliyatmono, said that there were 177 villages in Karanganyar, so if the assistance was only 20 three-wheeled vehicles, it was still lacking. It is hoped that next year there will be more so that every village gets a share.

The Regent has always emphasized that garbage can be finished at the village level and the TPA will be transformed into a beautiful garden. Therefore, he hopes that Bumdes can manage waste into organic waste, and it will no longer be a problem.

Meanwhile, Ganjar Pranowo, who had just attended a meeting with the President in Purworejo Regency, said that he gave a message about Covid which is still a threat to all countries in the world.

The government will try to keep Covid from increasing, of course with the support of citizens who wear masks, wash their hands and avoid crowd first, including a celebration.

Besides the covid the economy will be encouraged. It is hoped that the third and fourth quarters of the public budget absorption will be accelerated, therefore  their purchasing power will increase.

After successfully activating Jogo tonggo, jogo santri will be started in the boarding school area, and Jogo Kerjo, in workplaces which are one of the distribution areas. The point is everyone is alert and reminds each other.

Meanwhile, Head of Bank Jateng, Karanganyar Branch Office, Sigit Nurbiyanto, said that the total assistance was worth of 540,000,000 rupiahs based on a request from the Karanganyar Regency Government to Bank Jateng to support the Environmental Agency work program for completed waste in the village.