Bank Jateng Hand in Hand with Maritime Affairs and Animal Husbandry Department Hold Development of Pati Salt Farmers

PATI – Bank Jateng together with the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Department of Pati Regency, for 4 hearts cooperated to conduct socialization and coaching for salt farmers in 4 villages and 4 subdistricts namely Tluwuk Village of Wedarijaksa District, Raci Village of Batangan District, Genengmulyo Village of Juwana District, Kertomulyo Village of Trangkil District.

In the event, Pati and Maritime Fisheries Department, represented by Sriwati, conveyed this activity, it was able to increase the salt price in Pati Regency, where until today the salt price  in Pati Regency experienced a slump of 200.00 rupiahs per kilogram.

In the event Bank Jateng of Pati Coordinator Office provides information and introduces Bank Jateng Credit which is expected to be utilized by salt farmers to increase the salt production.

The Credit Analyst Team represented by Nanda Ade Purnama along with Faulana Firma Angga Dani Marketing Team, in the event conveyed the function of KUR Credit of Bank Jateng which can be utilized by salt farmers as working capital.

To make it easier for salt farmers to pay KUR Credit installments, it can be done by Bima savings debit account.

The socialization, which was followed by a question and answer session and consultation, were welcomed by great enthusiasm of salt farmers. They hope by participating of socialization , the price of salt in Pati regency will be stable.