Bank Jateng grabbed 2 SPEx2® Award

JAKARTA – By the end of the year Bank Jateng has again achieved a national level achievement, having won BPD Best Book III Version and Industrial Banks in the 7th Forum Forum Award for Strategy-into Performance Execution Excellence (SPEx2®) Award held by Tempo Magazine and GML Performance Consulting at Ayana Midplaza Hotel Jakarta on Monday (11/26).

Bank Jateng won Best of the Best Across All BPD title in Indonesia and The Best BPD Based on Book 3 Category, in collaboration with Tempo Group and GML Perfomance Consulting. The award was presented directly by the Indonesian Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara who was accompanied by the Tempo Media Group Director Toriq Haddad with the Chairman of the SPEx2® Award Suwardi Luis Jury to the Director of Retail Business and Bank Jateng Syariah Business Unit, Hanawijaya.

This Strategy- awarding into Performance Execution Excellence (SPEx2®) is the seventh time. This event began in 2011, the SPEx2® Award was held directly by GML Performance Consulting and this time in collaboration with TEMPO Media Group as a media partner.

The Tempo Group Director Toriq Haddad explained in 2018 was the seventh SPEx2® Award. This year the SPEx2® Award committee again included Bank Pembangunan Daerah, therefore this year there were two main categories of awards, namely, Private & BUMN Categories and BPD Categories.

In addition, every year, the SPEx2® Award awards carry a variety of different themes, and at this year’s award, the theme taken Navigating Digital Shift. Navigating Digital Shift is how organizational actions can overcome rapidly by technology developments in the business world and execute them well.

The Winning Process of the SPEx2® Award

In determining process of the winner, the SPEx2® Award is unique in the winning of candidates which must demonstrate excellence through three stages of assessment: achieving candidates based on the SPEx2® Index obtained through a five-year survey of investors and business people and based on secondary data such as financial performance company, form submission eligibility and the jury presentation in front.


Hanawijaya, Bank Jateng Director of Retail Business and Sharia Business Unit, said the SPEx2® Award received by Bank Jateng shows Central Java Bank management able to formulate and execute strategies. “This award is expected to inspire Bank Jateng to improve its execution capability so that it can compete,” he hoped.

During this time, he continued, excellence in formulating strategies received major attention in Bank Jateng’s strategic management. Since a brilliant strategy will increase the advantages of Bank Jateng in competition. He also added that success was the efforts fruit in managing management strategies whose execution was well managed.

“Our leadership, led by the President Director, is trying to focus on a superior strategy, which take the time to communicate and manage the strategy execution moreover expected targets are realized,” he explained.