Bank Jateng Gathered 45.11 Trillion Rupiahs Community Funds

Bank Jateng’s performance until the end of 2018 has increased. Third party funds (DPK) collected by Bank Jateng reached 45.11 trillion rupiahs or grew 1.06% year on the year. While the amount of credit and financing channeled to the community reached 45.89 trillion rupiahs or grew 8.13% by the year.

Bank Jateng Finance Director, Dwi Agus Pramudya said that community funds raised by Bank Jateng were played back in the loans form to finance the productive business sector in Central Java, which had an impact on improving the community businesses and the regional economy. In addition, credit for employees aims to support the employee’s welfare improvement.

“The pre-tax operating profit until the end of December 2018 reached 1.746 trillion rupiahs or 6.04% greater than the plan,” said Dwi Agus Pramudya during the inauguration of Ayah’s Sub-Branch Office (KCP) in Kebumen on Monday (28/1).

The inauguration was marked by the inscription signing and jasmine flower strands cutting by Deputy Regent KH Yazid Mahfudz. Also present was the Head of Bank Jateng General Division, Joko Sudiatmo, the Head of Magelang Branch Coordinator Heri Nunggal Supriyadi and the Head of Kebumen Branch, Parmono. Also present was Dandim 0709 Lieutenant Colonel Inf Zamril Piliang, Kebumen Police Chief AKBP Robertho Pardede, the officials in the Kebumen Regency Government, Muspika Ayah and the surrounding areas.

Community Trust

Dwi Agus Pramudya added, Bank Jateng’s total assets reached 66.62 trillion rupiahs or grew 8.39% by the year. Achieving the good performance is inseparable from the community and stakeholders trust and support including the district / city government and the Central Java Provincial Government.

He was grateful for gaining trust in managing the regional finance, including in Kebumen. The reason is, the obtained business results by Bank Jateng will be returned as Regional Original Revenues (PAD), both in the form of regional cash demand deposits and dividends which increase from year to year.

The capital of Kebumen Regency is recorded amounting to 35,779 billion rupiahs and received dividends of 4,9 billion rupiahs in 2018. While the capital in 2019 increased up to. 42,779 billion rupiahs and estimated dividends of 7 billion rupiahs.

“In supporting the functions realization of Bank Jateng as the development bank, we always encourage every branch office to be able to take action in supporting the district / municipal government’s policies in developing their region. Therefore, people’s welfare increases in line with the regional economy growth, “he said.