Bank Jateng Fully Supports the 2021 UKM Virtual Expo

SEMARANG — Bank Jateng provides full support for the implementation of the UKM Virtual Expo 2021 exhibition organized by the Central Java Cooperatives and MSMEs Office.

The form of support provided by the Bank Jateng is to be responsible for organizing the expo, as well as synergizing to help MSME players who participate in the event.

Head of the Central Java Cooperatives and MSME Service, Ema Rahmawati, said that this year, the event which was focused on promoting superior products from MSME players in Central Java would be held regularly every two months with different themes.

In the first event this year which took place on 16-18 February 2021, the theme raised was “Bank Jateng Wonderfood UKM” to promote a variety of food and beverage products, both aimed at domestic and export markets.

“This UKM Virtual Expo has entered its second year. Especially for this year, Pak Nano Managing Director of Bank Jateng Supriyatno asked to be taken over, aka fully supported by the Bank Jateng, “he said in the opening ceremony which was broadcast virtually on Tuesday (16/12/2021).

The opening ceremony of the UKM Virtual Expo was also attended by the Minister of Cooperatives and MSMEs Teten Masduki who gave an online speech, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, Head of Central Java Bank Indonesia Pribadi Santoso, Head of OJK Regional 3 Central Java and DIY Aman Santosa, Head of Java Customs and Excise Regional Office Tengah Padmoyo Tri Wikanto, as well as the President Director of Bank Jateng Supriyatno.

On this occasion, Supriyatno explained the form of support provided by Bank Jateng to MSME players in Central Java.

As a regional development bank, Bank Jateng has carried out its function of providing credit facilities to business actors, including MSMEs, through several programs.

Among the financing programs provided for micro customers is the People’s Business Credit (KUR) which has a loan ceiling of up to IDR 500 million. There is also a National Economic Recovery credit program (PEN) which has been rolling since last year.

“In addition, we also provide the BIMART application to provide a platform for business people who want to market their products online. Not only do we provide a market, business actors who join BIMART also get assistance, training and capital support, “he said.

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo appreciates the holding of the UKM Virtual Expo which has helped open marketing opportunities for Central Java MSME products to be able to reach a wider market even overseas.

“This is the beginning of the year there is a breakthrough. Gaspol to lift the economy. UMKM friends who need this assistance can be helped, “he said.

Last year, the UKM Virtual Expo had recorded a total turnover of IDR4.4 billion. Apart from reaching the domestic market, product sales have also penetrated export markets such as Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Macau, the Netherlands, Iraq, Australia, Turkey and India.