Bank Jateng DPLK Collaborates with Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital

Temanggung – Enjoy life to be prosperous in old age, must be prepared from now on. In addition to the old age savings program, there are also banks and several life insurance companies offer the Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK) program. For the preparation of the pension fund, DPLK is an interesting solution. Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK) is a pension fund formed by a bank or life insurance company to organize a Defined Contribution Pension Program (PPIP) for individuals, both employees and self-employed workers separated from the employer’s pension fund for bank employees or life insurance companies concerned.

As an institution that provides health services, Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital in carrying out its functions uses the potential of human resources, capital and technology to support optimally functioned of all the potential used in the delivery of services, therefore  the health services provided can be utilized properly by community and partner agencies.

Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital appreciates its employees by involving them as DPLK participants. In this case Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital took Bank Jateng as a partner. Bank Jateng has a solution for pension preparation, which is called DPLK Setia.

DPLK Setia organizes a Definite Contribution Pension Program (PPIP) for Employers (Group Participants) and Individuals (Individual Participants), from various professions both formal and informal. DPLK Setia is open to managing pension programs for companies / institutions / foundations / institutions. This form of cooperation was marked by the signing of Cooperation Agreement between Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital and Bank Jateng Pension Fund. The signing was carried out by Dr. Lilik Setyawan, MPH as the Director of Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital and Silvia Retnowati as the Head of DPLK Bank Jateng.

Located at Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital (17/01/2020), Silvia who was presented with KCP Parakan Temanggung Anugrah leader Sigit Yanuar expressed his gratitude for the management trust of Ngesti Waluyo Christian Hospital and will always serve as well as possible. Lilik said, it was hoped by DPLK, there would be better cooperation.