Bank Jateng Donates Three Videotrons to UNS

SURAKARTA – Bank jateng submits a grant of three videotrons to Sebelas Maret University (UNS) on Tuesday (06/18/2020).

The symbolic awarding of Videotron grants was carried out directly by the Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno, to the Chancellor of UNS Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho, SH, MHum in the UNS Auditorium.

The videotron grant is a  Bank jateng’s concern for educational institutions in Central Java Province.

“Videotron grants given to UNS are one of the doors open to long-term cooperation. As a the regional Bank Jateng has a responsibility to protect and facilitate UNS as one of the educational institutions in Central Java Province, “said Supriyatno.

UNS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho, SH, MHum said the videotron was placed in the Auditorium Building of GPH Haryo Mataram.

“Actually, what has been donated by Bank Jateng has become our longing since the audio facilities in the Auditorium have been quite long and Bank Jateng is responsive to work together to help. In this case, I thank the Director of BPD Jawa Tengah, “he said.

Previously, the cooperation between Bank jateng and UNS began with the inauguration of the UNS Bank jateng Cash Office last January. Supriyatno hopes the cooperation between institutions in Central Java can be increased. This is intended to advance Central Java. Not only supports the student activities side, but also contributes to the development of human resources in Central Java.

In addition to paying special attention to the facilities at UNS, Bank jateng also provides interesting programs for students. Students who pay tuition fees through Bank Jateng will have the opportunity to get 2 million rupiahs  scholarship for 3 students and other attractive prizes.

In addition, paying tuition / semester fees for all students’ classes, Bank Jateng also provides registration payment of new student admissions and other related payments. The payment can be made in all Bank Jateng channels such as Branch Offices, Sub-Branch Offices, and Central Java Smart Banking according to operating hours or via Bank jateng ATMs, other Bank ATMs (ATM Bersama & Prima ATM Networks), EDC, and Internet Banking of Bank jateng which can conducted 24 hours realtime online.