Bank Jateng Donates Car to Dokter Moewardi Hospital

SOLO – Bank Jateng provided operational car assistance to Dokter Moewardi Hospital. The assistance in the form of a Toyota Hi Ace Commuter M / T with a capacity of 14 passengers was the second, after previously Bank Pembangunan Daerah provided assistance in the form of buses to the hospital.

The operational car assistance was handed over directly by the Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno and symbolically received by the Acting Director of Dokter Moewardi Hospital, Doctor Suharto Wijanarko on Friday (1/11). After signing the minutes of the two parties, Supriyatno and Dr. Wijanarko checked the cars parked in the yard of the local hospital. “Mugo-mugo kendaraan iki migunani” said Supriyatno, after signing the minutes of the handover of aid at the Moewardi Doctors Hospital.

Supriyatno further said, Doctor Moewardi Hospital was in dire need of such an operational car, the Toyota Hi Ace with a capacity of 14 people. Especially when the arrival of presidential guests or other VIP guests in Solo. Because the car that has been used is not feasible and insufficient.

“The operational car assistance that we submit is part of the tasks of the Bank Jateng as a regional development bank. Moreover, Dokter Moewardi Hospital and Bank Jateng are both under one umbrella in the provincial government. With the help of this car, it is hoped the service will be faster and more alert and moreover Bank Jateng is also development agent, “We will emphasize the vision as an agent of development here, maybe not yet, hopefully this assistance can be useful,” he said.

The same thing was said by Acting Managing Director of Dokter Moewardi Hospital, Suharto Wijanarko. He admitted, appreciating the assistance provided by Bank Jateng since the existence of this new car was very necessary and useful whereas the cars used so far to serve VIP guests in Solo, including guests from the presidency were deemed inappropriate. “Cars with large capacities like this are what we need. In addition to transporting doctors on duty, they can also transport nurses when presidential guests come to Solo, “said Wijanarko.