Bank Jateng Distributes the Iphone XR Give Away at the Bima Savings & iB Bima Savings Lottery

The lottery of Bima Savings Bank Jateng, which has been carried out in the last few years, is a moment awaited by Bank Jateng loyal customers. The lottery was held on Monday, January 28, 2019 at the Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar Semarang at 19.00 WIB. Different from the previous year, the second period lottery in 2019 was also broadcast live through @bankjateng’s live streaming Instagram.

BIMA Savings is a Bank Jateng product designed specifically for investing your life in the present and future. The lottery was carried out in three sessions, with the first session carried out Bima iB Savings lottery and continued with the second session Bima Savings lottery and the last session, Grand prize Lottery of Bima Savings.

Different from the previous years, Bima Savings lottery this time was carried out quite special since it was not only intended for the loyal customers of Bank Jateng, but also gave prizes away for all netizens who already became @bankjateng Instagram followers. The prize given was no less interesting with Bima Savings prize lottery, Bank Jateng provided the four money prizes in the form of Bima iB Savings and 1 Iphone XR.

The lottery was centered at Bank Jateng Head Office, precisely at Verve bistro & Coffee Bar with industrial and millennial themes. The lottery was held to lottery all BIMA savings customer coupons from 37 branch offices in Central Java, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. Viewers on Instagram live shows are very crowded, reaching around 800 accounts.

Prizes for Bima iB Savings Lottery are 8 (eight) Umrah Packages for each period. The lottery of Bima iB Savings or Sharia Savings itself includes 4 (four) Sharia Branch Offices and 12 (twelve) Sharia Sub-Branch Offices. Same with Bima Savings lottery, Bima iB billing savings is also carried out 2 periods in 1 (one) year. The balance to get a coupon is enough to save 1,000,000, rupiahs and multiples apply.

While Bima Savings prize lottery is equally interesting, which includes, 1 Mitsubishi Pajero, 36 Mitsubishi Xpander, 196 Yamaha NMax and 196 gold 10gr. Prizes can be obtained by increasing the savings balance, the more you increase your savings balance, the more you can get lottery coupons.

  • Grandprize – Pajero car, with a minimum average balance of 30,000,000 rupiahs / coupon
  • Prize I – Xpander car, with a minimum average balance of 10,000,000 rupiahs / coupon
  • Prize II – Nmax Motor, with a minimum average balance of 2,000,000 rupiahs / coupon
  • Prize III – Pure Gold, with a minimum average balance of 1,000,000 rupiahs / coupon

The winner of the BIMA Savings lottery is done by a computerized system, randomly selected according to the balance held by the customer. Bank Jateng will contact BIMA Savings lottery winner directly.

The winner of BIMA SAVINGS Grandprize Mitshubishi Pajero is in Pati branch on behalf of Budi Harianto. Information on the prize winners list of can be seen at the nearest Bank Jateng office. Lottery winners are also published through the Bank Jateng website and newspapers in Central Java.

The winner of BIMA Savings prize lottery is free of charge. Please be careful of all types of fraud on behalf of Bank Jateng. If something happens concerns to Bank Jateng, please confirm with the nearest branch.

Winner of Bima Savings & Bima iB Period II July-December 2018