Bank Jateng Distributes RTLH Assistance

PURWOKERTO – Bank Jateng is distributing home renovation assistance for the Republic of Indonesia independence veterans and restoration assistance for 79 uninhabitable housing units (RTLH) in Banyumas Regency.

The amount of assistance is 855,998,000 rupiahs. For the details, home renovation assistance for veterans amounted to 65,998,000 rupiahs and assistance with RTLH restoration was 760,000,000 rupiahs with a fund allocation of 10,000,000 rupiahs each.

The assistance was symbolically handed over by Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo at the Governor’s 2019 Assistance Handover event as well as gathering with individuals / institutions receiving assistance from the Governor to Banyumas Regency in 2018 in Pendanji Sipanji, Banyumas Regency, Tuesday (9/4).

Bank Jateng’s Managing Director Supriyatno, in his release, said the gift was a form of Bank Jateng’s concern for the environment and society, as well as a form of Bank Jateng’s support for the Central Java Provincial Government program.

In particular, Banyumas Regency Government is in an effort to tackle poverty and make decent housing for the community, improve the health, welfare and life quality of the beneficiary communities.

The Indonesian independence veteran who received the assistance, Basiran (70) could not hide his feeling of happiness at receiving the assistance from Bank Jateng. “I am very grateful to the officials who paid attention to the old fighters who were defensive of the state,” he said.

Representative of the RTLH restoration assistance recipient, Daryono, also said he was grateful for the assistance given from Bank Jateng. “Through the CSR program of Bank Jateng, the recipients were greatly helped,” he said.