Bank Jateng Distributes Loans to the Regional Government of Bombana, Southeast Sulawesi Province in Syndication with Bank Sulawesi Tenggara

In order to demonstrate its commitment to support the infrastructure development, Bank Jateng disbursed syndicated loans together with Bank Sulawesi Tenggara to Bombana Regency of Southeast Sulawesi Province in the amount of 195 billion rupiahs with a loan tenor for 34 (thirty-four) months from the signing date of the Credit Agreement.

This loan can be realized after the Regent of South Konawe H. Tafdil, SE, MM, who represents the Bombana Regency Government of Southeast Sulawesi, signed a Syndicated Credit Agreement with the Bank Jateng and Bank Sultra on September 30, 2019 at ASBANDA Office, Menara MTH Lt. 8, Jl. Letjen MT Haryono No. 23, South Jakarta.

The Regional Loan implementation was carried out after Bank Jateng obtained a mandate from the Regent of Bombana to form a credit facility structure in the form of a joint syndication with Bank Sultra.

The loan facility is intended to accelerate the implementation of multiyears work, namely the construction of 6 (six) infrastructure facilities in Bombana Regency consisting of road construction, Bombana Regional Hospital and Boepinang Market.

Bank Jateng loans to the Regional Government are in line with the central government program which already has launched a program to accelerate infrastructure development. The policy has an impact on increasing the capital expenditure needs for infrastructure development and infrastructure. On the other hand, the local government budget is limited, therefore, Bank Jateng takes of a capital provider’s role therefore accelerated infrastructure development can be realized.

This is in line with the program that will be launched by the Central Government regarding the acceleration of Regional Loans in the framework of regional infrastructure development by involving registered Bank Pembangunan Daerah in Bank Umum Kegiatan Usaha (BUKU) Bank 3.

Supriyatno (Director of Central Java) said that Bank Jateng will continue to actively lend the local governments to boost infrastructure development.

It is expected to support economic growth whose impact will bring up potential of significant economic which is beneficial and can be an opportunity for the Bank Jateng to play a role in it.

“Local government loans are not only for infrastructure development but also be used to finance infrastructure investments generate to APBD revenues and provide economic and social benefits. After Grobogan, Sragen, Brebes and Konawe Selatan, there will be a number of regencies / cities will apply for the regional government credit. At present of Bank Jateng has also been trusted by Bombana Regency Government to jointly with Bank Sultra give the Regional Government credit to Bombana Regency in Southeast Sulawesi “he said after signing the credit agreement with the Bombana Regency Government on Monday (30/9).