Bank Jateng Distributes Educational Aid for The Disabilities Students

Temanggung – To ease the burden on society in the midst of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19), Bank Jateng is providing assistance to nine disabilities students in Temanggung Regency, Central Java. The assistance handover was carried out by the Managing Director (Managing Director) of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno, at the Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch Office.

The President Director gave the assistance after giving direction to the Temanggung branch office’s  employees. Supriyatno said that the nine students sharing love activity was the company’s concern for the surrounding community. The nine students received of 500 thousand rupiah assistance of each, three students with disabilities came from the elementary level, three junior high school students, and three high school students.

According to Supriyatno, during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people faced difficulties. “This pandemic season, many people, including the disabilities students, really need our helping hand,” he said, after delivering the aid on Friday (4/12/2020).

Supriyatno hopes that this assistance can be useful for the students. He said, this activity was part of Bank Jateng’s efforts to always be in the community and always sensitive to the community’s  demands. “If we are sensitive to our environment residents, we are also comfortable. Let us work well, work with our hearts, “he said.

In his briefing, Supriyatno conveyed that Bank Jateng recently received an award from Bank Indonesia since it was considered as one of which was the regional finance worthy implementation of being awarded in a national level award. “This means that our achievements are not merely local to Central Java, but we have been seen throughout Indonesia,” said the figure who is familiarly known as Pak Nano.

On that occasion, apart from providing assistance to students with disabilities, Bank Jateng also provided assistance to the Gita Taruna Wana Bhakti Marching Band of Campurejo Village, Tretep District, Temanggung Regency. The assistance of 22.5 million rupiahs is expected to be able to encourage the community activity unit to be creative and take part. **