Bank Jateng Distributes CSR 72.7 Million For The Salatiga Disability Group

SALATIGA-Bank Jateng distributed CSR worth 72.7 million rupiahs to the disabled group of Harapan Mandiri Salatiga. Aid was symbolically handed over by Salatiga Branch Manage, Yohanes Suhartono to the Mayor, Yuliyanto, and from the Mayor was handed over to the head of Harapan Mandiri disabled group, Ngatimin at the Mayor’s Office on Monday (12/23). The surrender was also attended by the Head of Social Service, Roch Hadi, the Head of Bapelitbangda Susanto, and the Head of Industry and Labor Office Budi Prasetyo.

The Head of Bank Jateng Salatiga Branch, Yohanes Suhartono said in the regional development planning (Musrenbang) meeting on February 17, 2019 in Demak Regency, representatives of the Harapan Mandiri disabled group, Salatiga expressed the several obstacles. Among other things, do not have a place of therapy close to home. Therefore, it can be used at any time and does not interfere with school schedules for children with disabilities.

“Responding to this, Governor of Central Java suggested to prepare and submit proposals for CSR requests to Bank Jateng. With the approval of the Governor as the controlling shareholder, he gave CSR of 72.7 million rupiahs to Harapan Mandiri disability group, Salatiga, “he said.

According to Yohanes, the aid will be used to create space and procure therapeutic infrastructure such as infrared lights, beams, therapy balls, mattresses and others. The space is also used for the disabled inclusion studio that can be used as a place for people with disabilities to learn, work and display their results. The funds will also be used for the capacity building program for people with disabilities through sewing training to the professional stage.

“By providing the assistance, it is expected to provide benefits for persons with disabilities. Among them in helping the physical and mental development of the disabled. Moreover, by increasing the building capacity will improve the economy of disabled families, “he said.

Yohanes added, Harapan Mandiri disabled group consisted of 85 people with disabilities. They consist of physically challenged, deaf, mentally disabled, blind and double-disabled. Their ages are range varies from toddlers to adults.

The chairperson of Harapan Mandiri disabled group, Ngatimin, expressed his gratitude for this assistance. It is hoped that this assistance can be useful in assisting friends with disabilities for empowerment in the job training or therapy.

The Mayor hopes that the funds can be used for group empowerment therefore the existence of the Harapan Mandiri disabled group still exists in Salatiga.

“Thank you to Bank Jateng for caring and providing assistance, hopefully it can help this disabled group carry out activities and empower their groups therefore their existence can exist in Salatiga. We (the disabled) want to do something for the city of Salatiga, of course I and the Government through the DPOs especially DINSOS (Social Department) will continue to help through any channels, including CSR which in this case is Bank Jateng, “explained Yuliyanto.