Bank Jateng Distributes Baznas Zakat Pentasarufan

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng has once again distributed the National Zakat Agency (Baznas) zakat settlement and it is entering the third stage this time with 1,185,000,000 rupiahs in value.

“This is the third stage this year and for the previous two stages, the value and number of recipients is more,” said the Deputy Head of the Semarang Syariah Branch of Bank Jateng, Erni Astiyarniah during the event which took place at the Central Java Grand Mosque (MAJT) Secretariat Office, Semarang, Thursday.

Erni Astiyarnih explained that the zakat pentasarufan recipients include the prayer rooms, mosques, TPQ, RTLH, Islamic boarding schools, madrasas, and health institutions.

“At this stage three the number of recipients is 172 consisting of mosques, prayer rooms, TPQ, RTLH, Islamic boarding schools, madrasas, and health institutions,” she said.

Erni explained that Bank Jateng’s task is to distribute or send to the each recipient account numbers .

Chairman of the National Zakat Agency (Baznas) of Central Java Province, Ahmad Darodji, on this occasion, again appealed to the public to pay their zakat to Baznas.

Baznas, continued Ahmad Darodji, then distributed it back to the various poverty alleviation programs, one of its is jobs training.

Not only training, said Ahmad Daroji, but also providing a number of equipment needed to support the training, such as providing the cooking tools and carpentry tools.