Bank Jateng Distributes 2.016 Billion rupiahs in Aid to Workers

Banjarnegara – As many as 120 thousand informal workers in Central Java receive the assistance to protect vulnerable workers from Bank Jateng through BPJS Employment program. The total aid disbursed reached 2.016 billion rupiahs.

The social assistance was symbolically handed over by Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo in Kudus Regency Hall on Tuesday (4/16) afternoon. Of that amount, Kudus Regency received an allocation of assistance for informal workers as many as 12,320 people with a total value of more than 206 million rupiahs.

Head of the Central Java Branch, Heri Supriyanto said, this assistance was a stimulus from Bank Jateng to support the participation of BPJS Employment from the informal workers sector.

With this stimulant of assistance, participants are expected to be able to pay their own contributions to personal awareness. Moreover, informal workers are important to get work accident insurance (JKK) and life insurance (JK) through Employment BPJS.

“With the provision of BPJS Employment Program protection assistance to vulnerable workers while supporting the BPJS Employment program, it is particularly beneficial for 120 thousand vulnerable workers in the Central Java region,” he said.

Continue, during 2018 Bank Jateng has channeled social assistance funds (CSR) of more than 17.09 billion rupiahs. The social assistance includes partnership assistance worth 232.5 million rupiahs and non-partnership assistance worth 16.78 billion rupiahs.