Bank Jateng Director, Supriyatno Received The Best Indonesia Leaders Award in Solo

SOLO – Managing Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno received the Best Indonesia Leaders 2018-2019 award for the Regional Owned Enterprises Company-Regional Development Bank category in the 6th Anugerah Perempuan Indonesia 2018-2019, Friday (21/12) night.

Supriyatno was one of the nine people who received the award. The nine people set aside 180 judges who were assessed. After receiving the award at Sahid Jaya Solo Hotel, they took a horse-drawn carriage to Pura Mangkunegaran attending the dinner and entertainment.

“We feel proud, since the award is given in the culture nuances in Solo, Central Java where Bank Jateng is active. Hopefully from this award, Bank Jateng’s contribution to development in Central Java will increase. “

“This award is also inseparable from the friends’ role in advancing Bank Jateng. I believe, this award is also a signal for Bank Jateng to be more advanced, “he said.

The Ministry of Tourism expressed its appreciation and high appreciation to the organizing committee of “Indonesia Leaders Award and Indonesian Women’s Award in 2018” and all involved. Deputy Assistant of Destination Management and Community Empowerment at the Ministry of Tourism, Oneng Setya Harini, said the awards were given to the winner of the competition as an award for someone’s achievements as an individual, team, company unit or country.

According to him, the award has a very important meaning for anyone for three reasons, namely confidence, credibility, and calibration. “The award will increase the level of trust basically as a legitimacy or recognition, and it is well communicated, the award obtained can be more effective for the image marketing method,” he said.

The awards are also useful for monitoring or measuring what is done is right and knowing the the recipient’s position compared to others. “Awards with clear criteria, a credible assessment process and intense competition from the participants will make the award prestigious. And those who get it will get great pride and confidence to achieve further successes. “