Bank Jateng Customer of Purwokerto Branch Obtains Mitsubishi Xpander

PURWOKERTO – Savings Bima of Bank Jateng was drawn again. The drawing process was held in Semarang on January 28 yesterday. From the draw, Sri Mintarsih, a Bank Jateng’s customer of the Purwokerto Branch, was fortuned to obtain a Mitsubishi Xpander.

Sri said, there was no premonition before receiving the information that the Mitsubishi Xpander was received. And this is the second time for Karang Klesem residents to get a car prize from the Bima Savings of Bank Jateng Lottery.

“I got an Avanza prize in 2010, until now it is still driving,” he said.

Sri has been a customer of Bima Savings of Bank Jateng since 2008, after completing his term of office from SDN 1 Grendeng, Purwokerto. He also conveyed to the community to entrust the storage of funds in Bima Savings of Bank Jateng.

“Hopefully this will be a blessing for all parties, and I will invite colleagues or family to save at Bank Jateng,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bank Jateng of Purwokerto Branch Manager, Aris Setiyawan, said that in this period, in addition to one Mitsubishi Xpander unit, there was also the main prize in the form of a Mitsubishi Pajero. While other prizes obtained by the Bank Jateng’s customers of Purwokerto Branch include seven Yamaha Nmax, and seven gold each 10 grams.

To be able to get the prize, just save in Bima savings account with a certain balance, for one Mitsubishi Pajero unit, the condition is for customers who have an average balance of 30 million rupiahs, for Mistubishi Xpander the average balance is 10 million rupiahs, for Nmax motorcycles the average balance is 2 million rupiahs and for gold each 10 grams balances an average of 1 million rupiah.
“The entire prize tax is borne by Bank Jateng,” said Aris.

The total prize for each draw period is 1 Mistubishi Pajero, 36 Mitsubishi Xpander, 196 Yamaha Nmax and 196 10 gram gold. The awarding of the Bima Savings of Bank Jateng prize 2nd period 2018was held on Thursday (28/2) at the Bank Jateng of Purwokerto Branch.

Currently Bank Jateng customers are also facilitated with the personal and business Internet Banking services for ease of transactions wherever and whenever, the convenience is also available for corporate and agency customers through a CMS (cash management system) facility that will facilitate company and service transactions without having to come to the Bank Jateng’s teller. Aris hopes that the customers of Bank Jateng can increase the balance of Bima Savings. Therefore, the opportunity to get a bigger prize in the next period, is increasingly widely open.