Bank Jateng Conducts SIMPEL Savings Education to Tanjung 01 Elementary School Students of Sukoharjo

Let’s save early. This slogan is a form of responsibility to introduce savings habits since childhood. Children in elementary school age, who are familiar with the provision of pocket money, are the target of banking education which is included in the early age category. Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch conducted SIMPEL Savings education for Tanjung 01 Elementary School students Nguter Sukoharjo (2/7/2020). This education was attended by all students from grade I to grade IV SD Tanjung 01, totaling approximately 120 students. This education was delivered by Dany, as the Marketing Team of Sukoharjo Branch  by involving thereforecial activists in Nguter District.

Students are introduced to the culture of saving early on, therefore students realize the benefits of saving for their future. Dany invites students to interact by inviting them to share their experiences in conducting transactions at the Bank. Students are altherefore given information about bank products on this occasion, especially SIMPEL Savings of Bank Jateng and procedures for being able to conduct transactions at the Bank.

One of the information submitted was that the SIMPEL Savings Bank Jateng is a lightweight savings in initial deposit and subsequent deposits and free of administrative costs. Students who have been given the information are expected to be able to provide information to their parents therefore that they will immediately open a SIMPEL Savings in Bank Jateng for their children

The program was continued with an introduction to the transaction method where students were invited to practice transactions. The transaction was carried out in a cash car around Bank Jateng, which today is at SD Tanjung 01 of Sukoharjo. Students are given the opportunity directly to fill in slips for transactions then make deposits to the bank teller officer. In addition, students are altherefore given the knowledge to make withdrawal transactions at Bank Jateng’s  ATM machine. The students are very enthusiastic in doing this educational practice. This education was strongly supported by the Principal of Tanjung 01 Elementary School, Siti Aminah and the teachers. Siti Aminah altherefore supports by helping to convey information related to SIMPEL Savings of Bank Jateng to the parents / guardians of students.