Bank Jateng Conducts I-Banking Dissemination at the Youth and Sports Education Office

Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch, on Wednesday February 20, 2019, held an event in the context of Gathering with the Office of Youth and Sports Education in connection with the of Bank Jateng’s latest application products socialization, namely Internet Banking. The Internet Banking is expected to be a mainstay product from Bank Jateng facilitate customers to transact wherever and whenever without having to come to the local branch office. Internet Banking has become an urgent need in the current of digitalization era.

On this occasion Bank Jateng, represented by Deputy Branch Manager of Temanggung, Slamet Haryanto after opening the gathering said in front of the Head of Youth and Sports Education Office, Treasurer and Coordinator of Temanggung Regency area, Darmadi and Bank Jateng Assistant Branch Manager to establish better relationships with the Department of Youth and Sports Education as one of the customers of Bank Jateng.

Temanggung Branch of Bank Jateng Analyst Credit Team delivered a series of New Credit Promos can be enjoyed by ASN of Youth and Sports Education Offices. It is expected that the promo will attract the interest of ASN officers and increase the number of Bank Jateng’s credit customers.

In addition, introducing the Internet Banking and assisting the process of activating the Internet banking, Bank Jateng Marketers of Temanggung Branch Team also socialized the appeal for replacing the old ATM card with a new one, GPN card.