Bank Jateng Campaigns “Gerakan Eling Lan Ngelingke“ Break the Chain of Covid-19

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng is campaigning for the movement therefore people remind each other to wear masks in the various activities in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic on Wednesday (30/6/2021).

The movement called “Eling lan Ngelingke” is a follow-up to the call from the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo to break the  chain of Covid-19 which is quite high in Semarang City, Central Java and Indonesia in general.

“After the movement at home is done, now we add it. I encourage everyone to do “ eling and ngelingke” movements. Eling or remembering yourself to comply with health protocols, and ngelingke or reminding if there are those who violate the health procedures, “explained Ganjar Pranowo.

The Eling lan Ngelingke movement is shown by the two of  Bank Jateng employees wearing the puppet character costumes. They then walked around at Bank Jateng’s  Head office to remind anyone whom they encountered to wear masks properly.

The two puppet figures met the online motorcycle or taxi drivers, traveling merchants, parking attendants, scavengers, until the  general society in the housing complex.

Not only reminding them, the movement also invites everyone to remind other people if they are caught not wearing masks.

“Through the Eling lan Ngelingke movement, we invite all people to apply the health protocols, including wearing masks properly and correctly to prevent the outbreak of Covid-19,” said Bank Jateng’s Managing Director, Supriyatno.

He also reminded the public society to obey 5M. In addition to wearing masks properly and correctly, also maintain the distance, wash hands with soap, avoid crowds and do not travel or mobility if not essential.

“This movement is also a support form of the government programs in an effort to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic,” explained Nano, Supriyatno’s nickname.

He said that the campaign to invite the public society to comply with the health protocol was not only carried out by Bank Jateng this time. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the bank which owned by the Regional Government throughout Central Java has been aggressively campaigning for it, both via social media and directly.

In fact, as an effort to help preventing the virus outbreak in the office environment, Bank Jateng has also implemented a work from home (WFH) system.

“The goal is to reduce crowds in the office. The WFH system is managed as well as possible therefore the services continue to run well,” he added.

Still said Nano, Bank Jateng also regulates the office’s  entrance and exit of. Which, if previously every employee and the public society could go out and enter using the same doorway, now it has been arranged differently.

With these arrangements in order to to prevent the physical contact both among employees and with the public society .

“We hope that Covid-19 cases can decrease and this pandemic will end soon. Moreover the society’s economy will recover,” he hoped.