Bank Jateng Best to Implement SimPel (Student Savings)

JAKARTA – Bank Jateng won the Best Bank Award for Implementing Regional Development Bank (BPD) SimPel / SimPel IB (Student Savings) in Simple Implementation / SimPel IB Award 2019 category.

For the Bank Jateng itself, this award is quite special since the event was first held nationally, Bank Jateng won the best award. This success deserves appreciation sine Bank Jateng is considered capable of stimulating a culture of saving among students.

The award was received directly by the Managing Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno in the Expo Financial Technology (FinTech) and SunDown Run 2019 at the Kota Casablanca Mall Jakarta on Saturday (10/19). The event was held by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Present on the occasion were all OJK Commissioners, Bank Indonesia Communications Director Onny Wijanarko, all national BUMN Bank leaders, all representatives of Private Bank leaders, and all leaders of national financial service institutions.

“This is like Vini Vidi Vici (coming, appearing victorious). Held for the first time, Bank Jateng immediately won an award. This is very encouraging, “said Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno.

According to the President Director, for his success, he expressed his appreciation to all employees of Bank Jateng who have been able to work together in a compact and solid manner therefore they received the fruits of their work of national awards.

“This is thanks to working together together in all elements. This success cannot be separated from the good cooperation from the Governor of Central Java, “said the Managing Director.

One of the indicators why Bank Jateng became the Best Bank in BPD category, he continued, was that the volume of student savings collected by Bank Jateng was the highest in the regional bank category. “The volume of student savings collected by Bank Jateng was the largest among other regional banks.  This means that the efforts made by the Bank Jateng are able to encourage students to actively save, “he said.

Still he said, in order to achieve this achievement, his side often carried out various activities to conduct the socialization and approach to students. One of the activities that was welcomed enthusiastically was the activities of Bank Jateng teaching. “Apparently this effort is quite interesting for students. In addition, teaching in Central Java, the institute also held a number of other events that essentially encouraged the culture of saving among students to continue to grow, “he explained.

The Director of Financial Inclusion Development of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Edwin Nurhadi said that OJK continued to encourage the level of financial inclusion through Student Savings Day activities. With the SimPel Day activity, it is expected to further foster a culture of saving for Indonesian students.

“This encourages the realization of account ownership for all students in Indonesia,” he said. The SimPel program is aimed at providing financial education and inclusion and encouraging an early saving culture.

“We created SimPel to attract and make it easier for students to start saving, therefore they train them to manage finances early and plan for their future,” he explained.

SimPel Day activities are expected to further foster a culture of saving for Indonesian students and increase financial inclusion of young people.

To popularize savings among students, OJK is holding a 2019 SimPel (Student Deposits) activity held jointly with the banking industry and related ministries / institutions.

The Student Savings Program (Simpel) / SimPel IB which was initiated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) since it was launched in 2014, to date has been attended by 304 banks consisting of 20 Commercial Banks, 11 Sharia Commercial Banks, 24 Regional Development Banks and 249 Credit Banks People / Bank of Islamic People’s Financing. The number of accounts until the end of 2018 was 17,007,508 with a nominal value of 6.64 trillion rupiahs. (Bn)