Bank Jateng Belik Branch Distributes 25,000 Liters of Clean Water

The hitted dry season for the last three months has had a negative impact on the community survival due to the difficulty of getting clean water. In addition, agricultural products are also not optimal since there are many dry agricultural lands. Based on the data from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Pemalang Regency, there were five villages in three subdistricts of Pemalang Regency were hitted by drought. There are Batursari, Clekatakan in Pulosari sub-district, Gombong Belik in Belik sub-district, Watukumpul in Watukumpul sub-district.

As a sense of caring for our brothers in need, Bank Jateng Belik Auxiliary Branch distributed 25 thousand liters of clean water or 5 tank trucks to the five villages. The clean water assistance was immediately given by Bank Jateng Head of Belik Branch, Mr. Maman Darmansyah. In this case all villagers were very enthusiastic in receiving the clean water assistance and thanked to Bank Jateng for the assistance provided. Hopefully Bank Jateng hopes the assistance will be useful and can ease the burden of residents who experience of drought.

Pemalang Branch Marketing Team