Bank Jateng Assists 6 Units f Isotank for Handling Covid-19 in Central Java

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng handed over the assistance of 6 (six) Isotank units with a capacity of @ 20 Tons with a total aid of  7,645,233,750 rupiahs. This oxygen isotank will be distributed to the hospitals and health centers in Central Java.

The assistance was handed over by the President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno to the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo on the sidelines of the commemoration ceremony for the 71st Anniversary of Central Java Province in the courtyard of the Governor’s Office on Jl Pahlawan, Semarang, Sunday 15 August 2021.

the President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno said this assistance was initiated by Bank Jateng in order to provide the best service to the community, especially the people in Central Java who were being exposed to Covid-19. Since, in such conditions requires the availability of the sufficient oxygen,

”For that reason, Bank Jateng was immediately feeling moved by providing assistance with 6 units of isotank,” explained Supriyatno when met after accompanying the Governor, Ganjar Pranowo to observe the Isotank.

The man who is familiar with Mr. Nano added that the Central Java Provincial Government informed that the increase in the Covid-19 pandemic caused the use of oxygen increase in the ICU and isolation treatment rooms at the hospitals, on the other hand there was a deficit in the oxygen availability of 160,111 m3/day or 206 tons/day. . This high demand has not been able to meet all the oxygen needs in Central Java and there is a shortage of oxygen distribution fleets (Isotank) to hospitals.

“That the pandemic condition in Central Java is very concerning, in the past week it has been in the spotlight since Central Java Province contributed the highest deaths of the citizens who are exposed of Covid-19 in Indonesia during the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM),” he explained.

He also hopes that the assistance of the 6 units of Isotank with a capacity of @ 20 tons from Bank Jateng can help in overcoming the oxygen scarcity in Central Java, especially the process of distributing oxygen to the hospitals to save people whoa are exposed to COVID-19.

”About whether the Isotank assistance will continue, we will first see developments in the field,” he explained.