Bank Jateng and Perbarindo, Jawa Tengah Sign the PKS of Apex BPR

Bank Jateng as the aegis Bank (Apex Bank) cooperates with the Indonesian People’s Credit Bank Association (Perbarindo) Jawa Tengah DPD , at the Coworking Space III Floor of Bank Jateng Surakarta Building on Wednesday (10/3). The  PKS signing  was carried out by the President Director of Bank Jateng ,Supriyatno and the  DPD Chairman, Dadi Sumarsana. The signing was also witnessed by the DPR RI Member of Commission XI, Musthofa.

In his remarks, Supriyatno hoped that after this signing, the  created real programs could provide benefits and blessings to the community. “The BPD and BPR roles must be in line, especially for the market penetration, since both have very important roles as the  economy vessels and drivers. 

According to him, there is an agenda that must be completed quickly. Since, during this time, many BPRs have become the members of Bank Jateng ‘s Apex, but only a few BPRs have   used   it. So with this role cooperation of Bank Jateng as Apex BPR can really be utilized that can be felt by the customers.

Therefore, in this cooperation, the several aspects of development are emphasized, including the financial assistance which includes linkage programs and revolving funds from 90 BPRs with a nominal value of  116.5 billion rupiahs. Then technical assistance which includes digitization and house-to-house cooperation with 12 BPRs and all BPR members, as well as PPOB of  35 BPRs  in 2021.

He said that up to now, there are 221 BPR members in Jawa Tengah and Yogyakarta are 53 BPRs. Meanwhile, the funds pooling from BPR-BPRs is recorded at  1.9 trillion rupiahs, as of February 2021.

Meanwhile, Dadi Sumarsana, expressed his gratitude for Bank Jateng’s support to Perbarindo. He revealed, in fact there are two banks in Jawa Tengah , the government banks, namely Bank Jateng and BPR, therefore a good synergy between the two which love and cherish each other will build the best service to the community.

 Since the existence of Apex BPR for BPRs towards financial cooperation and technical assistance, practically it has the mutual benefit principle . So with this collaboration, it is hoped that all the BPRs members  can have jointly significant progress experience and development.