Bank Jateng and Kejati Establish Cooperation in the Civil Law and State Administration Purview

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng has collaborated with the Central Java of Attorney General’s Office (Kejati) in the civil and state administrative law of  purviews. The agreement signing was carried out at the Bank Jateng’s  Central Office Building (27/4/2021).

“This cooperation includes the legal assistance, legal considerations, and the other legal actions  provision aimed at resolving the Bank Jateng’s legal problems,” said the President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno.

Supriyatno explained, although the government and Bank Indonesia have issued a number of stimulus and credit relaxation efforts, the banking industry is still faced with the risk of an increase in bad credit.

In anticipating this risk, Bank Jateng has established a credit restructuring clinic, especially for debtors who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through a scheme of postponing installments  or interest installments, extension of time periods and the other schemes.

In addition, it also strengthens the credit risk mitigation by temporarily suspending financing of the certain sectors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and maintaining the consumptive credit  share in order to encourage the credit growth sustainable .

“However, in its development, there are several debtors who still experience the problems in fulfilling their obligations. There are also those who are not cooperative enough to fulfill their obligations,” said Supriyatno.

These can be problems that lead to the legal route in the future. Therefore the assistance and cooperation with the prosecutor is needed which is expected to improve the Good Corporate Government which is getting better at Bank Jateng.

The Head of the Central Java Prosecutor’s Office (Kejati), Priyanto, added that each institution has the potential to face the civil law and state administrative issues that require to be handling both in the court and out  of the court.

“In this case, the prosecutor’s office as the state attorney who can represent Bank Jateng to resolve the issue based on a special power of attorney,” he said.

He gave an example of the Central Java Prosecutor’s Office (Kejati), which previously succeeded in helping Bank Jateng to collect the problematic debtors at Bank Jateng of Purwokerto Branch, namely CV Alam Rizki, amounting up  to 6.5 billion rupiahs. For information, besides from Bank Jateng and the Central Java Attorney General’s Office (Kejati), the signing of a joint agreement was also carried out by Bank Jateng’s Branch Offices and the District Attorney throughout Central Java